Create your first WordPress website in 30 minutes without coding by Prathamesh Sakhadeo

Create your first WordPress website in 30 minutes without coding

A Quick Guide to Start Developing Your WordPress Website

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


Install WordPress on Desktop or Laptop
5 mins
Install WordPress on Windows (If you are using Windows)
4 mins
Install on cPanel (If you are using a cPanel based hosting)
4 mins
Reopen WordPress if Installed on Desktop or Laptop
2 mins
Create Pages
2 mins
Install Theme, Setup Menu and Homepage
3 mins
Design Homepage
5 mins
Custom Headers and Footers
5 mins
Add Blog
3 mins
Setup basic SEO
2 mins

Be Your Webmaster

Hello, I'm Prathamesh

I have developed more than 100 websites till now. And I have channeled that knowledge to teach WordPress to consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to develop their own website without getting into the tech.

For more information about me, you can go to my website


Why this course it free?

I feel no one should have to shell out some money just to start learning something.

Does this course goes into the details of WordPress website development?

Honestly no. This course will act as a guide to show you a right path to develop your WordPress based website.

Do I need to understand HTML/CSS/PHP?

No. WordPress is meant to be used by non-tech people. You need not know any programming or scripting language.

We are not developing a plugin or a theme. We are just developing our website.